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Sharetronix APP Store overview

As a successful Sharetronix app developer you probably would enjoy our app store where you could offer the apps you have created to the other members of our community.
Your first step should be the registration to the app store. Complete the registration process and you will be able to submit your app to the community.The app requirements are simple - just pack your app folder containing the main .php class into a .zip file and you are ready to submit.Before uploading the app you should fill out the form entering the following fields.

  • app name;
  • icon;
  • description
  • two fields.
  • app version;
  • email for app support;
  • category;
  • compatible STX version;
  • up to 10 screenshots;

Finally click on "Submit app" button and your app will be uploaded to the administration section of the App store where it will be tested and approved from our administrators. If any issues appeared with your app, you will be sent an email message describing the problems before the publication of your app to our market place.

App validation

As a Sharetronix app developer you probably expect your app as an intellectual property to be protected when submitted to our app store. When Sharetronix OPEN SOURCE is being downloaded a personal key is attached to it which make this copy unique to the user downloading it. Your app is protected by the unique combination of user, sharetronix open source and a key validated on-line during the app installation process.
STX PLGN Validation3.png

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