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The routine files are responsible for construction of the templates. They execute predefined sequences of actions.

  • /helpers/routines
-- /loadAdminLeftMenu.php -
-- / loadDashboardLeftMenu.php -

This function constructs the page left menu, creating a menu from an arrey of urls, an info block with last on-line users, an info block with last tags and "What To Do Block".

-- / loadDefaultFooter.php

This function is responsible to construct the information to be displayed in the footer. Blocks of html could be also included to the footer.

-- / loadDefaultHeader.php

This function constructs the information to be displayed in the header - good example of using html function from system/helpers/func_html.php file described in details in the next chapter, blocks of information and inner block for the search field. The main navigation is displayed using create menu function.

-- / loadInviteTopMenu.php This function loads the tab menu for email inviting people.
-- / loadPostform.php - This function loads the post form text area.   

Again this is an example of using block and inner blocks. "Share something" text is placed in editor-textarea inner block in activity-editor block.

-- / loadSettingsLeftMenu.php

This function creates the left menu when profile settings is chosen.

-- / loadSingleActivity.php

This function loads all the elements of a single activity in blocks of information - activity_user_avatar, activity_user_username, activity_permlink, activity_user_activity_group, activity_text and additionally activity comments and attachments.

-- / loadSingleActivityComment.php

This function creates the activity comments.

-- / loadSingleGroup.php 

This function constructs the group page using html blocks from upload/static/templates/blocks .

-- / loadSingleUser.php 

This routine function constructs the user page using html blocks fromupload/static/templates/blocks

-- / loadUserLeftColumn.php 

This function constructs the left part of the user page using createInfoBlock function from system/helpers/func_html.php

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