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Sharetronix OPEN SOURCE documentation

Version 0.1

Copyright © 2012 Sharetronix, LLC.

Introduction to Sharetronix OPEN SOURCE

Sharetronix OPEN SOURCE is an open source multimedia microblogging platform. It helps people in a community, company, or group to exchange short messages and multimedia content over the Web. Find more information on[1] This document shows you how to build a simple plug-in to your just downloaded open source microblogging platform. If you are interested in developing plug-ins or writing a new template for your distribution probably, you will find useful the layout construction description and function reference page. Creating a plug-in is extremely simple, however if you are new to Sharetronix OPEN SOURCE, you will need more information about STX MVC architecture and used technologies. Finally, you could find your work beneficial by submitting your plug-in to our MARKETPLACE.

Sharetronix OPEN SOURCE Technologies

The Sharetronix OPEN SOURCE is build using the technologies described on mockup 1 below
Figure 1.
STXdev Tech2.png
Sharetronix OPEN SOURCE should be installed as an application on Apache or IIS server with PHP support. Required database server is mySQL.

Sharetronix OPEN SOURCE MVC architecture overview

Sharetronix OPEN SOURCE is based on Model - View - Controller architecture described on mockup 2 below.
Figure 2.
STX MVC Arch2.png
Browser sends request to Sharetronix application over http. First page to load is LOADER.php which initiates communication with the database, creates network settings, loads both the user and the page. Loading home page requests dashboard.php from upload/system/controllers folder in the source code.

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