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After downloading the source code of Sharetronix Developer in upload folder you will see the following file folder structure:

After the Sharetronix OPEN SOURCE installation /install folder should be permanently deleted  due to security reasons. It only contains the scripts 
required to install Sharetronix on your server.

/apps foder

This folder is the place where all apps are stored. After you install an app it will be placed here by the installation script. If you install an app manually you should place app's files in this folder.

/static folder

This folder contains all default visual elements. Here are stored default views and all the css, javasctipt, images files needed in the views.

  • css files are located in /static/css
  • images are located in /static/images
  • javascript files are located in /static/js
  • shockwave flash file for graphics is located in /static/swf

/static/templates/ contains all default views in the Sharetronix. There are 3 sub folder in this folder.

  • /static/templates/email - templates for the email messages
  • /static/templates/system - templates which are used in the Desktop (web) version
  • /static/templates/mobile - mobile templates for the mobile interface

system and mobile subfolder contain layouts and blocks, check this link ([[1]]) for more information.

/storage folder

in this folder are stored attached data and the user's avatars. /storage/attachments - contains all the post attachment data /storage/avatars - contains all athe avatars for the users, stored in the five folders (thumbs1, thumbs2, thumbs3, thumbs4, thumbs5) /storage/tmp - folder for temporary files.

/system/ folder

Here are located all the system files - controllers, models, cronjobs, etc.

  • /system/conf_enbed.php - this files contains information about video embedding scripts
  • /system/conf_main.php - here are stored specific for your installation options
  • /system/conf_system.php - default Sharetronix options
  • /system/LOADER.php - initializes the system files and variables
  • /system/cache - contains the filesystem cache files(if you use filesystem cache)
  • /system/cache_html - html cache files are stored here
  • /system/classes - classes
  • /system/controllers - controllers, ajax subfolder contains ajax controllers, mobile subfolder contains mobile controllers, api subfolder - api controllers.
  • /system/cronjobs - alla cronjobs which are executed on a regular basis. The files are organized in subfolder and each subfolder is called on a specific time (eg. php_1min is called on every minute)
  • /system/helpers - sharetronix functions, routines subfolder contains routines, more information here([[2]])
  • /system/languages - contain all the languages in the system. Language installator install files in this folder. Each language is a single folder containg needed files.
  • /system/plugin_installer - all the plugin installation files are located here

/themes folder

This folder contains all the themes in the Sharetronix. Each theme is stored in a separate folder.

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