Introducing Sharetronix 3.0
The most advanced open source social software

Build your own social intranet, customer community or social networking site now.

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Faster, Better, and More Powerful

We`ve rewritten Sharetronix 3.0 from the ground up. It`s faster, more powerful, and more flexible than ever before.

Sharetronix AppStore and Marketplace

The new Sharetronix 3.0 plugin architecture is integrated with the new AppStore for one-click apps plus theme and language installations now within your favorite open source social software.

Create, Share, and Earn

Open source developers can now create, distribute, and sell their apps to the entire Sharetonix users community from the new AppStore.
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New Sharetronix HTML5, CSS, and Mobile UI

We`ve rewritten and improved the Sharetronix HTML. We`re now compatible with HTML5. Sharetronix 3.0 is faster and it`s even optimized for smart phones. Apple and Android apps coming soon.

Online Community Support and

Documentation Wiki

Connect with the global Sharetronix Dev Community of 12,000 + strong developers and designers and help shape the future of open source social software.

Sharetronix Speaks Your Language

Teach Sharetronix to speak your language: download one of the 33 available language packs in the Translation Center or start a new translation in another language. Sharetronix can even write from left to right or right to left.

Use Sharetronix for Business

Join the hundreds of corporate and business users using Sharetronix for their social communities or social intranet. Get the power of Sharetronix 3.0 for your entire organization. If you need custom development and support, we provide that too.

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